5-8 Avion Ave | TORONTO | ON | M4E 1C3| T: +1.647.721.1322 | E: CEO@CREATIVEARTMOVEMENT.ORG Copyright Creative Arts Movement Inc 2006 - 2015 Let Creativity Guide the Way, and shield logo are trademarks of Creative Arts Movement Inc. Who is Creative Arts Movement Inc? Creative Arts Movement Inc (CAM) is a transformational innovative leadership firm in consulting, coaching, training and development.  CAM’s mission is to electrify the mind through creativity with the philosophy that one can dream it,  one can live it and one can DO IT!  Since 2006, CAM’s niche training methods activates pure potential of trainee’s mind, using art methods as a training tool such as but not limited to (painting, dancing, singing, acting, film, photography, etc) to invoke creativity through self-expression, leading to the path of self-discovery and activating the leader within.  CAM offers exceptional client experiences by accelerating an individual and organization’s potential by activating influence, confidence, and natural talents.  CAM serves society needs for expression by fostering possibility, innovation, communication and wellbeing in a technological based society. CAM is bold and builds strong leaders in any field for the economy.  The use of possibility thinking advances leaders to thrive in complex situations and to form solutions based on the principles to “Let Creativity Guide the Way”!